Awesome, a diary full of meetings! (Said no leader ever)

  • Are you completely meeting'd out?
  • Do you look at your diary and see meeting after meeting, with no breaks in between?
  • Longing for time to actually do your work instead of talking and listening all day?

If this sounds like you and many of the leaders I have been talking to, then listen up. I'm going to share with you 3 powerful questions that you can ask so you can feel back in control of your workload.

Open your diary and choose the next meeting (then any thereafter). Answer these questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this particular meeting? (i.e. what outcome do you expect there to be by the end of it.)
  2. Why am I attending the meeting (e.g. to hear information, contribute my opinion, make a decision, etc.)
  3. What do I anticipate the actions from this meeting will be? (i.e. make sure at the end of the meeting you know clearly what the next step is.)

If you don't have great answers, ask yourself if this meeting needs to go ahead in the same format. Or go back to the person who invited you and ask them the questions.

Remember – you are being watched and your team are looking to you as their role model for behaviour. Are you currently demonstrating the behaviour and actions you want to see in them?


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