Bravery in the face of uncertainty – 3 sure fire ways to dig deep


Have you ever made a big decision? The kind of decision that makes you sweat under the arms and turns your stomach in knots?

Did you notice your heart racing that bit faster because you were overcome with fear? Fear of the unknown. It can be paralysing can’t it?

You’re nodding your head in agreement because fear exists in all of us. It drove me to stay in a ‘safe job’ for 15 years because I couldn’t imagine having the courage to leave. How will I pay my mortgage? What about those 12 months of sick leave I was entitled to in case I get really, really sick one day? What if I suck at self-employment and end up unemployed?

How my life has changed since I overcame the fear of making a life changing decision. I am now working full time in my own business and loving it. I have never felt so sure about a decision in my life. I help people every day live a happier life and that is an amazing privilege.

So what is it that allows some of us to bring out their inner roar whilst others run for cover?

The lion’s secret is courage. Bravery. Having guts.

Here are 3 surefire ways that worked for me and will allow you to dig deep and tap into the inner ‘grrr’ in you:

  1. Take action

Courage turns up when we act. It magnifies the more we do the thing that was the challenge, until it stops being a challenge. If we act and notice our courage, and do more actions, we start to develop a new reality where we perceive ourselves as courageous. You can’t experience courage AND fear at the same time – it’s one or the other.

What’s your choice?


  1. Change your focus

The longer we focus on the challenge instead of taking action, the worse the fear gets, until we think the fear is reality and the courage is not within us.

What we focus on is what we get – to the exclusion of everything else. Shift your thoughts to the growth, improvement or learning you will gain by taking action. Think about what impact your actions will have for someone else rather than letting your ego take over your mind.

Where are you focusing your thoughts right now?


  1. Change your language

Our language becomes our experience. Our experience is determined by our language. If we change our language we change our perception of our experience. So if you catch yourself saying, “I can’t”, take responsibility by replacing it with “I choose not to”. Remove sayings like “I suck at that” from your vocabulary and replace them with “That’s just unfamiliar to me right now”. Instead of asking fear inducing questions like “but what if…” ask your inner lion “oh my friend, but what could be…”

Just these three steps alone will speak volumes to drown out your inner critic. You are ready. You are capable. Consider the flow on affect – you’ll smile more, say YES more, and make more decisions on a daily basis.

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