Curious to know the real reason why you procrastinate?

Ever noticed how when it comes time to do the thing on your to-do list that's important and feels a bit out of your comfort zone that these things happen:

  • You start clearing out your email inbox;
  • You pick up the phone and call someone;
  • Something comes out out of the blue that needs your attention.

And the promise you made yourself to finally get it done goes out the window. Welcome, that old familiar friend – procrastination!

Given it doesn't help us, why on earth do we do this?

There's a simple explanation – because we're not comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

If you want to stop procrastinating then you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Think of the thing you've been procrastinating on. Take one small step, one small action towards that today to break your pattern of procrastination. Even if it feels uncomfortable. Actually, especially if it feels uncomfortable! Your future self will thank you for it!


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