How do you accept someone with low standards?

Have you ever had a team member who had low standards, they were affecting business operations and you started to question whether perhaps you needed to lower your expectations to meet their standard?

This is what happened for a business owner recently, the issue reflecting a personal challenge for her. My initial response is to check to see if as a leader she is setting her team member up to succeed:

  • Set the environment for them by bringing them on board with the vision, purpose and values of the business, the culture you have created
  • Provide the systems and processes that they can follow to make sure they know what they need to do and when
  • Set expectations for the whole team, providing feedback when they are aligned to what's required and when they deviate from expectations

If we've set our people up to succeed and the person is not raising their standards to fit the culture, they are not a fit for the business.

As a leader, we don't need to accept low standards.

Perhaps the real issue to tackle is this: what is it about you as their leader that doesn't feel confident in having a tough conversation with them?


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