How Do You Handle Frustrating People?

You're proud of the standards you have set as a leader, and yet you notice that others around you aren't living up to those standards and it's starting to grate on you. Let's face it, it can be downright demotivating!

So how do you handle that?

Firstly, check in to make sure you have:

  • Made it clear what your standards are;
  • Set clear expectations for others;
  • Provided direct feedback where those aren't being met.

Beyond that, I want you to consider whether you are being open-minded enough to dig a bit deeper into what is really going on.

So check in with yourself to see if you have:

  • Got too many rules (this will set you for disappointment for sure);
  • Lost all behavioural flexibility and compassion;
  • Left your ego behind to truly hear what is going on for the other person.

Only from a place of open & honest communication can you start setting a plan in place to move forward.

🤔 What do you do when others aren't living up to your expectations?


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