How do you make really tough decisions easier?

My number one go-to when it comes to making tough decisions is knowing your values.

Often people say they know their values, but once we scratch the surface it becomes clear that they only know the word, not necessarily what it means to them. 

For example, ‘integrity' and ‘honesty' are common responses from leaders when I ask what their values are. Although there is nothing wrong with these as values, they are pretty vague until you breakdown:

  • What they actually means to you;
  • How you apply them to your life;
  • How you prioritise the specific value against the rest of your values, and
  • Why it matters to you.

When you understand your values and deeply connect to them, then decision making becomes so much easier.

My challenge to you today – if you were faced with a tough, challenging decision in your life right now, could you go to your values set and make a decision that's 100% aligned with who you want to be and what you stand for?


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