How do you slow down to speed up?

According to Theory U, to be creative and innovate we need to be able to slow down, reflect and be present. Which sounds so counterintuitive when you are running ragged from meeting to meeting and have so many tasks to juggle.

I wonder though when we are responding at a fast pace to our environment, how effective are we really being as leaders? Are we able to listen effectively, be creative in our thinking and support others to be their best?

Here are 3 simple techniques you can apply today to help you slow down and be present in the moment (so that you can then speed up again)

  1. Take three deep breaths before you pick up the phone, enter a meeting, have a conversation etc. 
  2. Take time to pause, retreat, reflect and reboot. Perhaps take your coffee outside (without your phone!) or look out a window and focus on nature whilst enjoying your drink
  3. Take 10-15 minutes out of your day to meditate. Perhaps you can follow a guided meditation as part of your morning ritual.

It's the stillness that helps you focus so that you can speed up.

Which one will you do today?


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