How to Deal With People Who are Disengaged, Obstinate or Narcissistic

😩 How do you deal with someone in your team who you consider to be a ‘challenge'? 😩

Stop feeling like you've been taken hostage and focus on getting the best result possible for you, them and the business.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind as you navigate this path:

1. Align to what outcome you want from this – to have them aligned to their role and the culture and have the best intention to support them to achieve this.

2. Consider what ‘graceful arrival' at that outcome looks like. Remove your own ego and bring compassion. Be the leader you want to be, remaining resilient to see this through.

3. Be ok with not getting it ‘right'. When we want everything to fall into place perfectly we procrastinate and get frustrated. We're human. They're human. Have an honest and human interaction.

Stop talking about people and start talking to people. Be courageous. It will be worth it!


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