How to lead your teams in an environment of non-stop change

Maybe you're a leader dealing with constant change in your external environment – bushfires, technology advancements, client demands, reduced budgets, the list goes on. Or maybe you're a leader wanting to create change in your business to innovate so you can grow to the next level.

Either way, you need to find a way to navigate these changes so you can bring out the best in your teams. The model I am going to share with you may help you!

Last week I signed on for the Coach for Innovators Certified Course through Imagine Nation. I'm learning how to help businesses who have been impacted by the fires, those who can never return to ‘business as usual' as they knew it. It can also help existing and new clients looking for new ways to innovate for the future.

The model from last week's class is called VUCA. Have you heard of it?

If this represents your environment, then how do you lead your team through it so they see opportunities and possibilities for creativity and innovation? As leaders, we can flip the acronym to give us guidance about how to start:

I'll be sharing my learnings with you each week over the duration of the course (8 weeks). If you're keen to discuss VUCA with me or anything that's on your mind about bringing a culture of innovation into your business, you can book a call with me here.


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