How to Redirect the Workplace Drama Queen

👸🏼 How to redirect the workplace drama Queen (or King!) 👸🏼

Have you noticed there are people on your team that are giving ‘feedback' to others on standards they think they should be upholding, and yet don't live them themselves? It's a classic situation of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

If it's at an individual level, a conversation about their behaviour is needed. If they are meeting their needs in an unresourceful way it could be driven by their disengagement with their job. Look out for them meeting a need for:

❗️ Variety – creating drama for something to do

❗️ Significance – putting others down, gossiping

At a team level, we need to question the culture we have created or want to create instead:

❓ Is everyone aligned to the shared vision and understand all the working parts that will get us there?

❓ Do we have values that help people understand how to behave?

❓ Have we set expectations about our standards and are they clear to everyone? This is a great starting point to being able to reign in and redirect the drama so we can focus back on what we're here to achieve.


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