How to set healthy boundaries when working from home

Last week, the feedback I heard from talking to many leaders across a range of industries went something like this:

  • I'm busier than ever before
  • I'm working long hours with no breaks
  • I have Zoom fatigue with back to back meetings
  • I'm not finding time to exercise or eat well
  • I feel like work is living in my home

Does this sound like you right now?

If it does, then it's time to set some strong boundaries. Here are my top tips to help you:

  1. Get clear on what matters most – for work and for home
  2. Check in with your personal standards on a daily basis to make sure you're living them
  3. Schedule personal time in your diary first
  4. Have open and honest conversations with your leader, peers and teams about what's working and not working
  5. Plan your day in advance. The half hour you spend at the front of the day working on your priorities will save you from the maze of one meeting after another and feeling like you haven't achieved anything

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