How to solve your problem of not having enough time

I hear it over and over again from leaders – “I'm stretched to my limit!”

This comes from the frustration of trying to juggle their workload and feeling like they are burning the candle at both ends. Can you relate?

Here's the thing: To solve your ‘time' problem, you need to stop believing and buying into the thought that time is your issue. Because time is not your issue. Thinking you can resolve your time management problem by taking another time management course won't help.

The real issue here is a lack of understanding about the tasks on your to-do list and how they tie into the overall purpose of your goal or outcome.

We must first understand our purpose, what we're here to achieve and share that vision with our team, which then allows us to set goals that are wildly important for us to achieve that vision.

Only then will you be able to make a to-do list that truly moves you forward towards your goal, because your priority will become the top 3-5 things you need to do each day to move you towards it.

My challenge for you today: revisit your vision or goal then go back and grab your to-do list and highlight the items that will goal make the biggest impact on achieving your goal.

If you want some help with this feel free to book a complimentary chat with me. Here's the link: SOS Sesh


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