How to trust your team to get it right

Sometimes we can feel like we are repeating the same message over and over again, and this leads us to do it ourselves because we think it will be easier, which leaves our team feeling deflated. And us feeling frustrated. It's a no-win situation all around.

The answer?

You might not like hearing this, but it's time to pick up the mirror and take a look at yourself. If we see something in other we don't like, it's usually a reflection of what's going on in us.

If you are finding it hard to trust others, check-in on the promises you make to yourself that you don't follow through on. Even the little promises that only you know.

As leaders, our teams are forever watching us and our behaviour. We are the ultimate role model in our business. When we do the internal work on ourselves and raise our standards, then our external environment starts to shift too.

Next time you feel that frustration, take the time to sit and reflect on what's going on in you for them to behave that way.

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