Mind your language and immediately improve your mood

As leaders, we need to consider our language and the poundage it has on the intensity of our emotions.

⏸️ Are you really furious, or just a little annoyed?

⏸️ Are you terrified or just a little unsure?

⏸️ Do you really feel ashamed, or perhaps just a little uncomfortable?

And on the other end of the scale, do you answer ‘how are you?' with ‘I'm ok', or do you stop to consider that perhaps you are cheerful or excited or any other range of emotions?

Each word you choose to think creates an emotion inside of you, with an intensity that ranges from low or mild, right up to high or extreme.

Knowing this matters, because our emotions create our experience. And as leaders, our mood impacts our team.

💡 Decide what experience you want to have today, then find language that matches those emotions.

🤔 What's another example of words that you can replace to experience a different emotion?


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