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I recently spent some time with Vanessa doing my Extended DISC Assessment.  Vanessa showed that she was very knowledgeable  and professional in her way she presented the information to me. The analysis has been valuable to me as Vanessa showed and gave examples of how I could apply the Extended DISC in my workplace situations. 

It has helped me to understand my staff members better and has given me a better perspective of my own personality type as well as those of my work mates.  I highly recommend Vanessa as she has a thorough approach and puts care and thought into what she presents but keeps it interesting by using everyday examples. 

Helen E
G.J. Gardner

I recently engaged in Vanessa’s services towards a Needs Analysis and Values Workshop with my team at DFM. Without having a clear expectation on how we would proceed or what would come of our session, Vanessa was able to guide the group towards achieving the set goals for the session through controlled interaction whilst delivering in a style that the group could relate to. The relevance of the content presented to the group was always aligned back to the set objective for the session. The group was challenged, engaged, enlightened and had fun during the session.

The outcomes from the session were an immediate shift in thinking for the group towards their daily tasks and alignment to the business values. As the business owner, the session was able to invigorate confidence in me as a leader and my team to achieve our immediate and long term goals at DFM.

Jeremy D
Dennison Foods Manufacturing

I was really excited to have a session with Vanessa as I had heard great things about her inclusiveness and challenging nature of her facilitated sessions. The group I was part of (GEA Women's Leadership Team) provided a brief of our expectations “Building connections” and I was really keen to see how Vanessa would bring this to life.

Vanessa's ability to weave her own story into the facilitated session was seamless. Vanessa had people ‘connecting' via eye colour and shoe size, but most importantly, ensuring people shared something of themselves over the course of the session, which nailed our brief. It caused me personally to think deeply and share openly in a very safe environment.

Vanessa's session was well received by participants and fulfilled the requirements of our brief of connection. We learned a lot about Vanessa and ourselves. Feedback (and follow ups) have certainly occurred and our hope is that it continues within the group. The key was ‘owning' the responsibility of building and maintaining relationships…Vanessa gave us really practical ways of introductions and feeling at ease when entering a room of unknown people.

Jodie S
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

I had been operating in middle management for 3-4 years responsible for the management of small team, and the delivery of my organisations program of works. I had identified that I needed to make changes to improve my leadership skills  in the way I lead my team, and to elevate myself out of the day to day struggle to keep my head above water in dealing the numerous tasks, emails, meetings etc that was preventing me from looking further forward then the week ahead.

I was introduced to Vanessa through my organisation in which we undertook a 6 month coaching program. Together with Vanessa and my manager we collectively established some goals that would demonstrate that I had developed my targeted areas for improvement at the conclusion of the program. I was then asked by Vanessa to put my trust in her to take me on the journey to achieving my goals.

The program utilised a number of tools that enabled me to gain a better appreciation of myself, my behaviours and values, which helped to contextualise where I was at, and where I wanted to be moving forward. This at times also extended beyond the work environment. I found the program really challenged my thinking and how I viewed myself and role within my organisation. I was able to identify that while I thought I had a good oversight of the ‘big picture’, I was actually getting continually dragged back into the day to day grind.

Vanessa was able to provide a number of tools and structure to assist me in planning and implementing the things I should be doing as opposed to dealing with the ‘next most urgent issue’ to come across my desk. At the end of the program I was also better equipped to understand factors contributing to not only my actions and behaviours but others around me.   

Adrian K
East Gippsland Water

I have always worked hard, gave it my best and excelled in my positions. Over time, as people became more reliant on me (as a manager) I was getting more and more work to do. Over the past six months, I can’t believe how much I have changed. I have grown in confidence to stand up and be a leader and to be proud it. I have more energy to focus on planning, goal setting and achievement; rather than self-reflection, doubt and worry. Vanessa is a compassionate and caring coach.

Vanessa took me on a journey of self-discovery; she helped me understand my beliefs, my values and the type of person I naturally like to be. She then took me on another journey to learn about my strengths and weaknesses in leadership, and areas for improvement. Vanessa has challenged me, strengthened me and most importantly equipped me with skills and knowledge to be a better leader. One thing that will always stick with me, a quote from Vanessa ‘ you can’t change other people’s actions, you can only change your own’. Thank you.

Becky H
East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

For quite some time at work I had been struggling to keep up with an increased workload. I was often feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead.

I was introduced  to Vanessa by my manager. He had completed a coaching program with her previously and found it very beneficial. After initial hesitations I thought ‘why not I have nothing to lose’. Little did I know just how life changing the coaching would be.

Vanessa made me feel comfortable right from the start, I had complete trust in her as we set off on this journey together. I really enjoyed discovering my strengths and also the areas I could improve to become a better leader. I now have a much better understanding of my personality, my values and just what is truly important to me.

Vanessa’s coaching has changed the way I think, the way I react to people and the way I handle different situations. I now have the tools I need to make better decisions moving forward both in my work and personal lives.

Thanks to Vanessa I think I am a much more understanding person and feel a lot more confident in my leadership role. I can’t thank Vanessa enough and would strongly recommend her to anyone.


Mark T
Southern Rural Water

My experience with Vanessa and the Extended DISC tools were invaluable. I received a full analysis of my behaviours and tendencies and how they affect my thinking and the way I do things in the workplace. Armed with powerful information, I was able to create new rapport with others and gain a better control of my own emotional state in the workplace. I felt like the coaching gave me a different view and improved my leadership skills and the impact I can have on others. Thank you Vanessa!

Rachel Z
Federation Training

Prior to my journey with Vanessa as my coach, both my work life and personal life were victim to impulsive, reactive decision making. There was an obvious empty space that now, some months later, is occupied by planning, goal setting and achievement.

I have always been confident in the skills I have acquired over a lifetime of broad experience, but I lacked the mature confidence to apply them systematically and with purpose. Vanessa has freed me from the stress of indecision and confused objectives by providing me with the specific tools to clearly and objectively direct my energies into solutions and achievable outcomes.

Vanessa has reinforced my belief in myself and that I can do everything I set my mind to and still do it in my own ‘unique’ style. My relationship with Vanessa has been one of open and honest discovery. I am ever grateful for this and the opportunity to walk alongside her in my self-discovery; I even believe I have made a positive difference to her also.

I would encourage anyone who is willing to open their mind and soul to the coaching practice to undertake such a journey with Vanessa, you will be rewarded.

Mary-Anne C
Federation Training

Working with Vanessa was easy and very helpful. I learned so much and feel more focused than I have in years. It really was a transformational experience that I highly recommend! The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. Vanessa helped me with so many things in just a short amount of time as well as to be much clearer with the values in my life that bring me happiness. Working with Vanessa was the best because of her personal integrity and commitment to doing her best for her clients, and it was fun too. I know she can help anyone that comes to her. Thank you, Vanessa for being such a positive influence and I look forward to our continuing friendship.

Marlene C
Human Resources Professional

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool revealed the ways that I think and behave, but it was Vanessa's insightful analysis and coaching which really enabled me to understand the findings to gain new awareness of my strengths and stretches, and helped think about ways to apply the learnings to achieve better outcomes.

Rebecca P
Patties Foods

With Vanessa's fantastic coaching sessions, I have been able to step back and look at the ‘bigger picture' a lot more clearly, which has helped me communicate better with my manager, as well as other senior managers within the business.

Jessica R
Patties Foods

Vanessa was able assist me to develop a more intricate understanding of human behaviour. Having a detailed report my natural style of behaviour, provided me a profound understanding of my perception and assisted me in improving interactions with managers, to influence better outcomes. These skills have assisted my in both my personal and work life and will continue to for a long time. Each session I was able to put the learning to practice which has assisted me with my leadership style and decision making. I found Vanessa’s approach to be exceptional she was practical and realistic I would highly recommend her services and the Meta Dynamic Profiling to anyone looking to get the best out of themselves.

Katelyn V
Patties Foods

For the last five years, I have juggled work, maternity leave and the primary care of two small children. Time in and out of work had left me feeling lost and inadequate both at work and at home, regardless of the role I had. Around a year ago, I realised that my behaviour and preconceived ideas about achievement and fulfilment were limiting my ability to feel proud and confident of my own achievements and my ability to make decisions. It took me a long time to decide to meet with Vanessa for coaching. I am really thankful that I did. Her support and advice has had an impact on so many aspects of my life, many unexpectedly. It was evident within a few short phone calls that Vanessa understood where I was coming from and the issues that were contributing the greatest weight. Once we met in person, Vanessa took the time to listen and was brilliant at helping me to identify the underlying contributors to my concerns, with practical long-term strategies to help me keep the most important things at the front of my mind.

Vanessa created a safe, trusting environment that allowed me to be more vulnerable than I had expected. She has a great ability to explore concepts in depth and safely challenge preconceived ideas. I have been able to use the strategies Vanessa has shared with me every day. I find they are applicable at work and in my relationships. The more I use them, the more I continue to grow.

Life seems easier since the coaching sessions with Vanessa. I have learnt a lot about myself, how I interact with others and how I can confidently contribute to the great things around me, making them even greater.

Tiana F
Primary Care Partnership

My Manager approached me asking if I would be interested in undertaking some coaching over a 6 month period with Vanessa as he had found it really beneficial in the past and thought it would help me in achieving my goal of further developing my management skills at Southern Rural Water. I jumped at the chance as I am really keen to continue to further my knowledge and definitely have some areas within management that I need to further develop.

Vanessa’s approach was certainly new to me, she had an ability to make me feel comfortable right from the outset which allowed me to have trust in the process and see things in a whole new light.

I found it very helpful to discover where my strengths are and also areas where I need to further my knowledge.

Understanding my make up in terms of my management style and also that of others within my team has given me a much greater understanding of myself and my surrounds. It has also given me the tools to be able to adapt and modify my approach in accordance with who I am working with and what outcome is required.

I now have the tools required to enable me to achieve the desired outcome with many different personalities by modifying my approach in each situation.

Vanessa has given me the confidence to challenge myself, and the confidence to succeed. I have left my coaching sessions with a new swag of tools to continue to grow, continue to improve my work life, home life, and simply living better in general.

I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, managing others, being confident, capable and furthering their management skills to enrol with Vanessa from Inspiring Success.

First Class!!!

Wayne F
Southern Rural Water

Before I met Vanessa I was struggling with trying to keep up working full time with an overwhelming workload, trying to be an effective leader to my team whilst also juggling the needs of my family and three children. My life was a constant balancing act trying to fit everything in and meet the needs of all those around me. This constant juggle left me feeling inadequate in most areas as I could never fully meet the needs of each area to a level I was satisfied with, therefore was left feeling like I was either letting someone else down or letting myself down when I couldn’t do things to the level I strived for.

What I discovered was in my attempts to juggle everything and everyone else’s needs I had totally forgotten about myself. Vanessa’s insights opened my eyes to this and helped me stop and take stock of what I really value, what is important to me to focus on and what is ok to let go. She made me realise if I didn’t slow down and put my own needs into the mix then eventually all the balls in the air I was juggling would come crashing down.

She taught me something I found truly valuable – that only I can change the outcome of how I react in any circumstance. Previously I would feel helpless and overwhelmed when impacts on my already full workload increased it further. I was resigned to either being stressed or upset when in reality if I stopped and realised that I had a choice – I could feel that way, or I could stop and realise if I didn’t get everything done at once no one would even notice and the world wouldn’t end. It was me that was putting that extra pressure on myself. Another eye opener was I can’t change other people’s actions – but I can absolutely change my own.

Vanessa’s work with me on the value elicitation has been life changing for me. Taking things back to the bare roots of what I really value in my life and what matters has brought things back in perspective. I still remind myself of these values every day and use them to reinforce the changes I have made in myself and the way I now operate and I can’t believe how great I feel. I make better decisions now both at work and at home and by making better choices I am now more present for everyone around me and more importantly more conscious of the things in life that make me happy.

I now have a better understanding of my own personality and why I behave how I do, and more importantly how to use this understanding of myself and also my team to better communicate with them. I have a range of new tools and concepts that Vanessa has guided me through that will stick with me for life.

I am so grateful for all of these things Vanessa has introduced me to. Her passion for her work and for helping people whilst being warm, approachable and most importantly human made this journey, whilst completely out of my comfort zone, an absolute pleasure.

I feel much more in control of myself and my journey moving forward both professionally and personally and can’t thank Vanessa enough.

Tracey H
Southern Rural Water

When developing the workshop, Inspiring Success was mentioned by several staff, who had previously been coached by Vanessa Medling. Vanessa was a dream to work with. The session was tailored to meet the key objectives of the workshop, aimed at increasing self confidence in working with others and understanding work styles and preferences. Vanessa brings a calm and open style and engages beautifully with a diverse group. The feedback was all positive and I look forward to working with Vanessa again soon.

Belinda M
Southern Rural Water

At Southern Rural Water we are fortunate enough to have a manager that values his managers and team leaders to organise a mentoring program with Vanessa.

Our department had been restructured and I was new to team leadership. I was struggling with this new position and also with the interaction with my Manager and the other team leader.

Vanessa did not tell me how to solve any difficult situations but prompted me in how to think for myself. Vanessa has a way of guiding you and allowing you to answer your own questions without realising it. Vanessa gave me the confidence to be proactive and flexible. We also had a team mentoring session using the extended Disc. The extended Disc in this session showed each of us what were our strengths and weaknesses. When Vanessa showed me the extended disc in my one on one sessions it was incredible how correct it was. I am sure all of us will continue to use the extended disc in our working environment. I would like to thank Vanessa for all the help she has given me and I am sure what I have learnt will help me become a more productive team leader.

Heidi R
Southern Rural Water

For the last 18 months I had lost interest in all aspects of my work and personal life which I attributed to a poorly managed structure change within Southern Rural Water, I knew I had changed as a result however I hadn’t realised that the change was not for the better. I found my first session with Vanessa very confronting, seeing the person I had become in black and white was horrifying and from this I began to see the negative impacts it was having all aspects of my life. Vanessa created an environment of trust where as a team we could be open and honest about the impacts what we were doing as individuals was having on us all without the fear of repercussion.

I never expected to see a change in myself in such a short time, whilst I am not quite in the place where I want to be I will get there using the tools that Vanessa has given me. As a leadership team we are growing together and we could not have done this on our own.

I would recommend anyone who wants to be an effective leader should take part, you may be a good leader now, in reality we are all leaders but we should all strive to be great leaders and this course will set you on the path to greatness.

Jane W
Southern Rural Water

As part of my personal development Vanessa facilitated an unpack of my Meta Dynamics™ profile. It was explained that the results can be used to pinpoint areas where effort needs to be applied and strengths that can be built on.

My Archetype was explained in detail, focusing on the values that drive my determination. My in depth profile was gone through in detail breaking down environment, structure, implementation and people. In each of the categories other and self aspects of the profile were explained and explored.

Vanessa put a positive spin on all aspects of the profile whether an opportunity for growth or strength. Vanessa used “real” examples and encouraged me to think of examples where my attributes may have played out in the work place or life in general.

To reinforce the learnings and opportunities from the profile results Vanessa has taken me back to aspects of the profile in recent sessions to ensure that the process is bedded down and opportunities reinforced.

Whilst confronting at stages the profile was accurate and Vanessa positively worked through each dimension in a systematic way.

It should be noted that around the time of this coaching myself as an individual and the business were going through a lot of change. Vanessa’s facilitation of this process and my better understanding of my strengths, competencies, opportunities and challenges greatly assisted during this period.

Ben H
Auswest Timbers

I have done a few sessions on business structure and related issues with Vanessa Medling and found her to be a highly skilled and intuitive professional.

I found Vanessa to be a warm person, easy to relate to, a person with heaps of common sense and an ability to zero in to the core of issues.

Our session were very helpful and I highly recommend her.

Kel M
Ultimate Office National

I am a business owner and Entrepreneur. Over the past 25 years I have sought the advice and guidance of many teachers and mentors from around the world. We engaged Inspiring Success’ services to help align our company’s Values, Mission and Vision. Vanessa came into our world and with her calm, friendly, and wise teachings helped us re- align ourselves into a more cohesive and happy team.

Tony Robbins, Keith Cunningham, Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Oprah Winfrey…….Vanessa Medling.

Vanessa Medling is definitely one of my mentors and sits comfortably amongst my greatest teachers and mentors.

Thank you Vanessa!

Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson Consultants

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