Who else wants a leadership team that runs itself?

Why You're Here

You’re a business owner who feels like you are doing it all alone. You know your stuff and you’re great at what you do. Cash flow isn’t the challenge it once was. Growth is your focus. There’s innovation everywhere.

But the cost of that is your time, your stress levels & your relationships. You’re working 80+ hours a week just to keep on top of things because you think the business can’t survive without you putting all those hours in.

You hired a management team to manage the business. But you don’t have the time to mentor your leaders so that they have the skills & knowledge to share the load. That means your to-do list isn’t declining & you’re still spending 80+ hours in the office.

Trouble’s looming if you don’t do something about it now.

It’s time to leverage the untapped potential of your leaders.

At a time when a passionate team are your greatest asset, seeing a return on their potential has never been more essential… or possible.

I’m here to tell you that there is a way through this. It’s possible to create space for anticipating the future and making more educated choices. Systems can be created that will shape and enhance your business. Your team can be accountable and step up as leaders, working alongside you.

The payoff?

  • Increased revenue and profits
  • A professional team that makes all the decisions to provide exceptional service to your clients
  • And you’re free. Free to enjoy activities that are sustainable and community based
  • There is certainty, stability and innovation
  • There is predictable excellence.

I show you how you achieve all of that.

Even better, I set your leadership team up for long term success. We work together over 12 months so that your resources & leadership toolkit are deeply embedded into your organisation. After working together, your team won’t be reliant on me to continue their growth & success because everything they need is at their fingertips.

What you get when we work together

I customise a program to suit your unique business & specific goals. This isn’t a one-size fits all service.
To give you an idea, some of the areas we may work on together include...

The Leadership Edge

This is a leadership development program that’s made up of 3 components. We’ll work in partnership to determine which elements are right for you & your business. This aligns with your learnings in the online program & one on one coaching.

Meta Dynamics™ Profile Tool

Blueprint for improvement

The Meta Dynamics™ Profile Tool is individualised and unique to your thinking. It tells us where to direct our attention, so that we create a domino effect of achievement. It helps you achieve your goals in far less time. This gives us the most direct route to success.

The Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool revealed the ways that I think and behave, but it was Vanessa's insightful analysis and coaching which really enabled me to understand the findings to gain new awareness of my strengths and stretches, and helped think about ways to apply the learnings to achieve better outcomes.

Rebecca P
Patties Foods

Disruptive Leadership Training Program

Sustainable leadership skills

Disruptive Leadership is the program for creating the leaders of tomorrow. This is not a model for management. It’s a model for shaking up the status quo and building incredible culture where results and passionate people can thrive.

If you care about your people as a business owner, it’s a no brainer to get this training. How to create a culture where employees get a platform to flourish and discover their full potential, a potential they didn’t even think they had within.

Manasee AR
Point Cook, Victoria

One-to-One Sessions

Coaching & Mentoring

We meet on a fortnightly basis to bring together all your learnings. You bring the issues that are challenging you the most & I’ll help you work through them one on one. We'll break down the barriers, overcome your challenges, and help you think completely differently about leadership & taking ownership. All of this builds your confidence and boosts your results.

This isn't action based coaching – it's transformational coaching. I'll provide you with the resources & the toolkit that you can tap into at any point now and in the future. The change we create together will stay with you forever.

With Vanessa's fantastic coaching sessions, I have been able to step back and look at the ‘bigger picture' a lot more clearly, which has helped me communicate better with my manager, as well as other senior managers within the business.

Jessica R
Patties Foods

Powerful Influence Toolkit

Individuals & Teams

Coaching & Workshops

We’ll use the Extended DISC behavioural profile as a predictor of human behaviour. It’s like an instruction manual that explains why people do what they do. It reveals exactly how to deal with people & step into their shoes to create stronger connections & get results quickly. This helps you connect with other people to give you powerful influence as a leader.

My experience with Vanessa and the Extended DISC tools were invaluable. I received a full analysis of my behaviours and tendencies and how they affect my thinking and the way I do things in the workplace. Armed with powerful information, I was able to create new rapport with others and gain a better control of my own emotional state in the workplace. I felt like the coaching gave me a different view and improved my leadership skills and the impact I can have on others. Thank you Vanessa!

Rachel Z
TAFE Gippsland

Workshops & Group Facilitation

Group Breakthrough

Transformational Experience

Are you ready to create not just an event, but a learning experience people won't be able to stop thinking about for days after it's ended?

This is not a boring PowerPoint presentation that you’ve seen before. This is an interactive group workshop where I facilitate discussion so that your team light bulb moments transform them beyond their current limitations. Their change is transformational and sustainable because of their experience in the room.

When I hired Vanessa, I was lost in knowing how to turn the leadership group into a team. I also didn’t know how to get the business to perform at an acceptable level without needing me to be present.

As an outcome of working with Vanessa over the past two years, the business now has clear direction moving forward and there is clarity between the business plan and strategic plan.

Throughout the time we have worked together, Vanessa has been quick to bring us back on track and realign our focus.

The leadership team have been able to align strategies to their roles right across the business, which has impacted on results. There is a belief in the sustained approach to a strong culture with tools and structure provided to continue to develop and grow our culture.

On a personal level, as the Managing Director, I have experienced continued levels of growth as a leader in my company. I have also been able to reduce the number of hours I’m working in the business by up to 30%.

I feel like she is a member of the team. This important to me because I see Vanessa is invested in our success as much as our team is.

Jeremy D
Dennison Foods Manufacturing

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All of this comes together to transform you as a leader. Forever.

One thing I can promise is that you will never be the same again. You’ll have a different way of thinking, which will create lasting results.

You’ll get the skills that will help you to:

  • Be known for your leadership skills
  • Leave a legacy
  • Progress your career
  • Keep growing, keep evolving
  • Make a difference.

That means, you’ll know how to:

  • Create a rocking culture in your business where your team are motivated and inspired to achieve results
  • Anticipate and solve challenges before they happen, knowing you have systems in place to succeed
  • Stay focused on your goals and build a strong sense of purpose and accountability for yourself and others
  • Develop great relationships with your team, so you can help them to realise their full potential.

Who is this right for?

We will work really well together if you want to grow your business & you value the people you have in your team, knowing that investing in them is an investment in your future. The clients that get the most out of this are those who can see the benefit of taking action because they realise the cost of not creating change will keep them stagnant.

Because for me, it’s not about working with just any business. It’s about figuring out if, and how, I can add value to your business and your purpose.

And when there’s a match, then you just know that you’ve finally met someone who’s got your back. We’ll get the results together. I’ll be there for you, because let’s face it – when you’re leading this kind of initiative, it can be lonely at the top.

But this might not be right for you if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix, the ‘magic bullet.’ It takes time to create change & develop your leadership skills in a lasting way.
  • You believe all your problems are caused by your team & you’re not willing or able to take stock & consider how you have contributed to the issues you’re facing.
  • You are driven only by making a profit. For us to work well together, you need to care about your customers & your team & the impact your business has on them.
  • You have a blinkered view about life and aren’t willing to change. If you’re stuck in the status quo, then your team won’t be able help you fix that without you changing & evolving too.

Here’s what leaders are saying about working with me

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s only so much that you can achieve on your own. For your business to keep growing the way that you want it to, you need to tap into the strengths of your team members. When you allow your team to step up, you can sit back & watch as they generate the results you want, while you have the freedom to finally have a life outside of work too.

Yes. I don’t just train people, I’m all about creating a learning experience people won’t be able to stop thinking about for days. The realm of leadership and human behaviour is my specialty. Let’s talk more about your specific training needs to work out if we’re a match.

Personality tests have the tendency to put people in ‘boxes’. In contrast, behavioural profiling predicts your behaviour and how you may respond in challenging situations. Behaviour can be adjusted, based on the situation you are facing so it helps you to change your results.

Because your current thinking created your current situation. The only way to change your results is to change your thinking. And this is the only tool that is unique to you – it’s your personal blueprint to create long lasting change.

Leadership coaching uses advanced coaching techniques that are aligned to creating change in the business space. Of course, we are more than just our jobs, so at times coaching can touch on your personal challenges, in all areas of ‘life’, not just business.

It will be a conversation like no other you’ve had. It’s time for you to sit and think through answers to questions that will challenge you, inspire you, cause you to question your current thinking and stretch yourself outside your comfort zone.

The service you decide on will be the one that best suits your needs and solves your problem. That could be one of the services as a stand alone, or all combined. It’s up to you & your needs.

No, I’m here to help you create transformational change. And transformation takes time.

Yes. With a strong network of highly skill coaches in all capital cities across Australia and internationally, Inspiring Success is able to provide a complete solution to your business no matter where you operate from or how many sites you have.

Sure can. We can talk over Skype or the phone so your location is not a restriction.

Let’s start with a phone call and get to know if we’re a good fit.

I have always worked hard, gave it my best and excelled in my positions. Over time, as people became more reliant on me (as a manager) I was getting more and more work to do. Over the past six months, I can’t believe how much I have changed. I have grown in confidence to stand up and be a leader and to be proud it. I have more energy to focus on planning, goal setting and achievement; rather than self-reflection, doubt and worry. Vanessa is a compassionate and caring coach.

Vanessa took me on a journey of self-discovery; she helped me understand my beliefs, my values and the type of person I naturally like to be. She then took me on another journey to learn about my strengths and weaknesses in leadership, and areas for improvement. Vanessa has challenged me, strengthened me and most importantly equipped me with skills and knowledge to be a better leader. One thing that will always stick with me, a quote from Vanessa ‘ you can’t change other people’s actions, you can only change your own’. Thank you.

Becky H
East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

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