Adrian K

I had been operating in middle management for 3-4 years responsible for the management of small team, and the delivery of my organisations program of works. I had identified that I needed to make changes to improve my leadership skills  in the way I lead my team, and to elevate myself out of the day to day struggle to keep my head above water in dealing the numerous tasks, emails, meetings etc that was preventing me from looking further forward then the week ahead.

I was introduced to Vanessa through my organisation in which we undertook a 6 month coaching program. Together with Vanessa and my manager we collectively established some goals that would demonstrate that I had developed my targeted areas for improvement at the conclusion of the program. I was then asked by Vanessa to put my trust in her to take me on the journey to achieving my goals.

The program utilised a number of tools that enabled me to gain a better appreciation of myself, my behaviours and values, which helped to contextualise where I was at, and where I wanted to be moving forward. This at times also extended beyond the work environment. I found the program really challenged my thinking and how I viewed myself and role within my organisation. I was able to identify that while I thought I had a good oversight of the ‘big picture’, I was actually getting continually dragged back into the day to day grind.

Vanessa was able to provide a number of tools and structure to assist me in planning and implementing the things I should be doing as opposed to dealing with the ‘next most urgent issue’ to come across my desk. At the end of the program I was also better equipped to understand factors contributing to not only my actions and behaviours but others around me.   

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