Amanda S

My understanding of the Coaching I was undertaking was completely different to how it went. At first, I was little confused and unsure if I really wanted to participate however this soon changed as Vanessa communicated the process in an open, honest and positive manner. Vanessa’s listening skills were evident by her ability to clarify my communicated concerns. What seemed big were now in manageable pieces, we would work through these pieces with clarity on feelings and behaviour that challenged my thoughts, strengths and skills.

The wonderful tools Vanessa shared with me on this journey have given me the ability to provoke my thinking as I am now able to slow down, change focus, explore and make choices that I would not have done before I commenced coaching. I have gained a self-awareness that keeps me calm and in a place of good decision making. Thank you Vanessa, I am appreciative of your skills and ability in our coaching sessions as you equipped me with a greater insight to self.

Training and Recognition

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