Becky H

I have always worked hard, gave it my best and excelled in my positions. Over time, as people became more reliant on me (as a manager) I was getting more and more work to do. Over the past six months, I can’t believe how much I have changed. I have grown in confidence to stand up and be a leader and to be proud it. I have more energy to focus on planning, goal setting and achievement; rather than self-reflection, doubt and worry. Vanessa is a compassionate and caring coach.

Vanessa took me on a journey of self-discovery; she helped me understand my beliefs, my values and the type of person I naturally like to be. She then took me on another journey to learn about my strengths and weaknesses in leadership, and areas for improvement. Vanessa has challenged me, strengthened me and most importantly equipped me with skills and knowledge to be a better leader. One thing that will always stick with me, a quote from Vanessa ‘ you can’t change other people’s actions, you can only change your own’. Thank you.

Training and Recognition

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