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As part of my personal development Vanessa facilitated an unpack of my Meta Dynamics™ profile. It was explained that the results can be used to pinpoint areas where effort needs to be applied and strengths that can be built on.

My Archetype was explained in detail, focusing on the values that drive my determination. My in depth profile was gone through in detail breaking down environment, structure, implementation and people. In each of the categories other and self aspects of the profile were explained and explored.

Vanessa put a positive spin on all aspects of the profile whether an opportunity for growth or strength. Vanessa used “real” examples and encouraged me to think of examples where my attributes may have played out in the work place or life in general.

To reinforce the learnings and opportunities from the profile results Vanessa has taken me back to aspects of the profile in recent sessions to ensure that the process is bedded down and opportunities reinforced.

Whilst confronting at stages the profile was accurate and Vanessa positively worked through each dimension in a systematic way.

It should be noted that around the time of this coaching myself as an individual and the business were going through a lot of change. Vanessa’s facilitation of this process and my better understanding of my strengths, competencies, opportunities and challenges greatly assisted during this period.

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