Diane H

Before I commenced the Leadership Personal Development Programme I doubted my ability in my work and home life. I did not realise that my beliefs and values had an influence in my day to day life, the way I felt, the way I made decisions and the outcome of those. I was so fortunate that I was selected to participate in this programme, working with Vanessa as my coach was easy and comfortable. I could feel that Vanessa was sincere and genuine in her approach to coach me through the processes and I could trust her with my deepest thoughts. Vanessa was able to crack through those barriers I had and challenged me to look deeper within myself to find the answers I needed, to be able to move forward. Vanessa was able to assist me identify my patterns that I have let control my life up until the first session I had.

Since then I’ve confronted my fears, even when difficult, and pushed myself to overcome them. Daily I use the tools, insights and encouragement Vanessa provided to me to assist me along the way. I can see my today being better than my yesterday, my beliefs and values have a total influence in how I challenge every day obstacles. Not only has Vanessa provided me the tools and knowledge, but also the confidence to know I am in charge of how I feel. I couldn’t thank Vanessa enough for what she has done, she has taken me out of place of darkness to a place of light and for that I will be forever grateful. I would encourage anyone who is given this opportunity to see Vanessa – I know they will benefit from this programme in so many ways.

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