Heidi R

At Southern Rural Water we are fortunate enough to have a manager that values his managers and team leaders to organise a mentoring program with Vanessa.

Our department had been restructured and I was new to team leadership. I was struggling with this new position and also with the interaction with my Manager and the other team leader.

Vanessa did not tell me how to solve any difficult situations but prompted me in how to think for myself. Vanessa has a way of guiding you and allowing you to answer your own questions without realising it. Vanessa gave me the confidence to be proactive and flexible. We also had a team mentoring session using the extended Disc. The extended Disc in this session showed each of us what were our strengths and weaknesses. When Vanessa showed me the extended disc in my one on one sessions it was incredible how correct it was. I am sure all of us will continue to use the extended disc in our working environment. I would like to thank Vanessa for all the help she has given me and I am sure what I have learnt will help me become a more productive team leader.

Training and Recognition

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