Jane W

For the last 18 months I had lost interest in all aspects of my work and personal life which I attributed to a poorly managed structure change within Southern Rural Water, I knew I had changed as a result however I hadn’t realised that the change was not for the better. I found my first session with Vanessa very confronting, seeing the person I had become in black and white was horrifying and from this I began to see the negative impacts it was having all aspects of my life. Vanessa created an environment of trust where as a team we could be open and honest about the impacts what we were doing as individuals was having on us all without the fear of repercussion.

I never expected to see a change in myself in such a short time, whilst I am not quite in the place where I want to be I will get there using the tools that Vanessa has given me. As a leadership team we are growing together and we could not have done this on our own.

I would recommend anyone who wants to be an effective leader should take part, you may be a good leader now, in reality we are all leaders but we should all strive to be great leaders and this course will set you on the path to greatness.

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