Jeremy D

When I hired Vanessa, I was lost in knowing how to turn the leadership group into a team. I also didn’t know how to get the business to perform at an acceptable level without needing me to be present.

As an outcome of working with Vanessa over the past two years, the business now has clear direction moving forward and there is clarity between the business plan and strategic plan.

Throughout the time we have worked together, Vanessa has been quick to bring us back on track and realign our focus.

The leadership team have been able to align strategies to their roles right across the business, which has impacted on results. There is a belief in the sustained approach to a strong culture with tools and structure provided to continue to develop and grow our culture.

On a personal level, as the Managing Director, I have experienced continued levels of growth as a leader in my company. I have also been able to reduce the number of hours I’m working in the business by up to 30%.

I feel like she is a member of the team. This important to me because I see Vanessa is invested in our success as much as our team is.

Training and Recognition

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