Jodie S

I was really excited to have a session with Vanessa as I had heard great things about her inclusiveness and challenging nature of her facilitated sessions. The group I was part of (GEA Women's Leadership Team) provided a brief of our expectations “Building connections” and I was really keen to see how Vanessa would bring this to life.

Vanessa's ability to weave her own story into the facilitated session was seamless. Vanessa had people ‘connecting' via eye colour and shoe size, but most importantly, ensuring people shared something of themselves over the course of the session, which nailed our brief. It caused me personally to think deeply and share openly in a very safe environment.

Vanessa's session was well received by participants and fulfilled the requirements of our brief of connection. We learned a lot about Vanessa and ourselves. Feedback (and follow ups) have certainly occurred and our hope is that it continues within the group. The key was ‘owning' the responsibility of building and maintaining relationships…Vanessa gave us really practical ways of introductions and feeling at ease when entering a room of unknown people.

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