Mary-Anne C

Prior to my journey with Vanessa as my coach, both my work life and personal life were victim to impulsive, reactive decision making. There was an obvious empty space that now, some months later, is occupied by planning, goal setting and achievement.

I have always been confident in the skills I have acquired over a lifetime of broad experience, but I lacked the mature confidence to apply them systematically and with purpose. Vanessa has freed me from the stress of indecision and confused objectives by providing me with the specific tools to clearly and objectively direct my energies into solutions and achievable outcomes.

Vanessa has reinforced my belief in myself and that I can do everything I set my mind to and still do it in my own ‘unique’ style. My relationship with Vanessa has been one of open and honest discovery. I am ever grateful for this and the opportunity to walk alongside her in my self-discovery; I even believe I have made a positive difference to her also.

I would encourage anyone who is willing to open their mind and soul to the coaching practice to undertake such a journey with Vanessa, you will be rewarded.

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