Tracey H

Before I met Vanessa I was struggling with trying to keep up working full time with an overwhelming workload, trying to be an effective leader to my team whilst also juggling the needs of my family and three children. My life was a constant balancing act trying to fit everything in and meet the needs of all those around me. This constant juggle left me feeling inadequate in most areas as I could never fully meet the needs of each area to a level I was satisfied with, therefore was left feeling like I was either letting someone else down or letting myself down when I couldn’t do things to the level I strived for.

What I discovered was in my attempts to juggle everything and everyone else’s needs I had totally forgotten about myself. Vanessa’s insights opened my eyes to this and helped me stop and take stock of what I really value, what is important to me to focus on and what is ok to let go. She made me realise if I didn’t slow down and put my own needs into the mix then eventually all the balls in the air I was juggling would come crashing down.

She taught me something I found truly valuable – that only I can change the outcome of how I react in any circumstance. Previously I would feel helpless and overwhelmed when impacts on my already full workload increased it further. I was resigned to either being stressed or upset when in reality if I stopped and realised that I had a choice – I could feel that way, or I could stop and realise if I didn’t get everything done at once no one would even notice and the world wouldn’t end. It was me that was putting that extra pressure on myself. Another eye opener was I can’t change other people’s actions – but I can absolutely change my own.

Vanessa’s work with me on the value elicitation has been life changing for me. Taking things back to the bare roots of what I really value in my life and what matters has brought things back in perspective. I still remind myself of these values every day and use them to reinforce the changes I have made in myself and the way I now operate and I can’t believe how great I feel. I make better decisions now both at work and at home and by making better choices I am now more present for everyone around me and more importantly more conscious of the things in life that make me happy.

I now have a better understanding of my own personality and why I behave how I do, and more importantly how to use this understanding of myself and also my team to better communicate with them. I have a range of new tools and concepts that Vanessa has guided me through that will stick with me for life.

I am so grateful for all of these things Vanessa has introduced me to. Her passion for her work and for helping people whilst being warm, approachable and most importantly human made this journey, whilst completely out of my comfort zone, an absolute pleasure.

I feel much more in control of myself and my journey moving forward both professionally and personally and can’t thank Vanessa enough.

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