Wayne F

My Manager approached me asking if I would be interested in undertaking some coaching over a 6 month period with Vanessa as he had found it really beneficial in the past and thought it would help me in achieving my goal of further developing my management skills at Southern Rural Water. I jumped at the chance as I am really keen to continue to further my knowledge and definitely have some areas within management that I need to further develop.

Vanessa’s approach was certainly new to me, she had an ability to make me feel comfortable right from the outset which allowed me to have trust in the process and see things in a whole new light.

I found it very helpful to discover where my strengths are and also areas where I need to further my knowledge.

Understanding my make up in terms of my management style and also that of others within my team has given me a much greater understanding of myself and my surrounds. It has also given me the tools to be able to adapt and modify my approach in accordance with who I am working with and what outcome is required.

I now have the tools required to enable me to achieve the desired outcome with many different personalities by modifying my approach in each situation.

Vanessa has given me the confidence to challenge myself, and the confidence to succeed. I have left my coaching sessions with a new swag of tools to continue to grow, continue to improve my work life, home life, and simply living better in general.

I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, managing others, being confident, capable and furthering their management skills to enrol with Vanessa from Inspiring Success.

First Class!!!

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