The 3 Risky Reasons You’re Working Crazy Hours

Let me start by being completely transparent here. This video was inspired by a big fortnight after returning from holidays and follows a weekend where I worked all day on Saturday.

So why do we get drawn into working crazy long hours?

From my own experience, and from what I have seen for my clients and leaders in business, is that there are 3 risky reasons why this happens.

Why risky?

Because if we don't do something to change it, then the studies tell us the more we work the less productive we become (from Michael Hyatt‘s book, Free to Focus). And that seems completely counterintuitive to me!

Consider what it might be for you:

❗️You haven't taken time out to reconnect to your purpose or your vision. Knowing this helps us to prioritise our actions.

❗️You don't have a structure or system in place to avoid doing unnecessary rework.

❗️You're letting your ego get in your way. Check in to see if you are getting your need for significance met by having this ‘problem'.

🤔 I'm curious, thinking back to the last time you worked crazy long hours, which one was it for you?


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