The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make When It Comes To Giving Feedback

⛔️ The biggest mistake leaders make when giving feedback ⛔️

When it comes to making our teams more accountable we need to get awesome at giving feedback. And to do this, we need to consider a few aspects of human behaviour:

1. No one likes being wrong – most people do anything they can to avoid that feeling.

2. People are doing the best they can with what they know.

3. Most people want to succeed and have way more potential than they're aware of.

So the biggest mistake? We point out the mistake and we make them wrong. Here's what to do instead:

✅ Point out how they can do it better – set clear expectations.

✅ Link your feedback to the outcome so they can see what they can do to improve.

✅ Communicate your belief in them with certainty.


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