The buck stops with you (and why that’s awesome)

📩 An email landed in my inbox last week, which started:

“Just watched your video – funnily enough after working 16 hrs yesterday and feeling a bit flat all day today. (there's been a few of those days in the last couple of weeks.)”

Can you relate? Perhaps you have a peak in workload at the moment for any number of reasons like this business owner did. But it wasn't his reasons for why he was working crazy hours that hit me, it was his last sentence:

“Tricky one, as sometimes the buck has to stop with me.”

Yes, it does! And that is an awesome thing

You see, I reckon sometimes we forget that we make our own choices about how we work, how much we work and how we feel about it.

So if you resonate with this at all, then you need to hear this advice… take time out, leave the office and ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What am I willing to do to change the situation?
  2. What am I not willing to do to change the situation?
  3. What can I be grateful for right now?

I'm curious, how do you reset when things get overwhelming?


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