The simple truth about moving from amateur to pro

One of the best little reads I often find myself returning to time and time again is “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield. I love it because it helps me to understand the difference between the thinking and behaviour of an amateur compared to that of the #professional.

Let's face it, as leaders we are the kind of people who want to improve, to be the best we can and produce great results for ourselves and our teams. To do this we need to be professional human beings.

But sometimes that can feel like a big stretch, we might want to stay in our comfort zone or maybe our ego is telling us to tone it down a bit? So how do we shift our mindset to become a better version of ourselves?

We need to look to the future version of ourselves who has the results we want, and ask ourselves ‘in this moment, what would the future version of me do right now?' and make your decision from that place.

🤔 What's a decision you made in the past that you are grateful for now?


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