What is the best way to bounce back from disappointment?

When a business goes through a restructure or there are times of uncertainty, it can impact on everyone and show up in very different ways.

We can become disappointed in those who we expect to behave in a way that aligns to the business values and expectations. Heck, we can even become disappointed in ourselves if it's us playing it out this way!

So how do we help someone out of this rut and get them re-engaged in their role?

We need to help them see the bigger picture and think long term. Because who they are being right now can be seen by everyone, and it's not their best light. This will influence their reputation for any future leadership positions.

Ask them what they want to have. Then bring them back to see who they need to be to have that result. Once they make the link themselves, they can make the choice to shift their thinking above the line and their behaviour will follow.

What's the best way you know of to help your team or yourself to bounce back from disappointment?


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