What separates a good leader from a great leader

I've been pondering this recently, particularly as I've been doing personal development myself. When you're a leader who wants your team to:

  • Be the best they can be;
  • Be as productive as you want them;
  • Bring their best selves to work

the reality is, as a leader, you've got to be doing the work on yourself to role model that.

I notice that over time we can get caught up in our role, our life, and in the day to day goings-on and stop doing the reflective work. It's not going to work well immersing in this just now and then. The longer it's been since you've stepped into your own development the less noticeable your blind spots will be.

I invite you to make time to reflect on when you last worked on who you are being as a leader. Is that vision what you are currently projecting to your team?


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