Where Are The Disrupters? How To Identify Great Leaders

High-quality leaders are sought after because of their positive effect on employee engagement and productivity. It’s clear to see the correlation when you experience it. Yet, our workforce is telling us that they want better managers. In fact, according to the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Workplace Leadership, 75 per cent of people in the workforce want this.

So at a time when all businesses are wanting more grounded, real, genuine leaders, how do we identify them from the pack?

We look for the unicorn.

Imagine, a field full of horses. They all appear the same, they fulfil the same purpose. And then one stands out from the others. It’s different. It draws your attention. You want to move closer. It’s the unicorn.

What makes a unicorn in the leadership space? Not merely being different, but being disruptive. Those that don’t settle for status quo.

Think about it for a minute. As business owners, who do we want to attract on our team? I’m guessing your answer goes along the lines of team members who are:

  • Willing to put in the effort, go the extra mile to produce high quality work
  • Committed to the business and their customers
  • Accepting of success taking commitment and persistence
  • Prepared to do what it takes, willing to find a way

Yet if you are following the major trend, you are attracting leaders who are comfortable with the status quo.

And in turn, they attract team members who are just happy to get by.

  • Those who accept “doona days” as a human right.
  • The people who look quickly to blame others for their mistakes.
  • The clock-watchers who pack up in time to walk out the door at 5pm.
  • The disengaged majority who impact your bottom line.

Qualities of a disruptive leader

A disruptive leader understands that the business culture has to be one of innovation. And they bring the thinking that allows them to do that.

Here a list of attributes that makes them stand out from the pack.

  • The ability to see, defend and advocate for the cultural standards of the business
  • Pushes through obstacles and adapts to any changing environment
  • Intuitive with their ability to identify their own blind spots, and develop themselves
  • The ability to think, not just be fed information
  • Solutions are thought out in a systematic approach
  • A creative problem solver who finds new solutions to old problems
  • Someone who enjoys thinking not only outside the box, but in brand new boxes

Remember, you will always get the team you deserve. If your team isn’t yet a reflection of where you want your business to be, then it’s time to find your unicorn.


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