Why you’re not achieving the results you want

It can be so frustrating when we set goals and even with our best of intentions, don't end up achieving them. It can be something as little as a to-do list item or as big as a milestone KPI.

So why is it that we don't achieve the results we say we want?

You see, there's a process that we go through which starts in our mind. There are two types of thoughts we have:

  • Conscious – i.e. what we're aware of saying to ourselves
  • Unconscious – i.e. the hidden thought based on our beliefs and values

Any thought, conscious or unconscious, will create an emotion in our body. And it's the emotion that will determine our behaviour and action, which influences our results.

So if you're not getting the results you want, then go right back to your thinking patterns and dig into them, explore them, question them and notice what impact they have on how you feel.

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