How to effectively manage your workload

This week I'm responding to a question that Karen asked me on the Inspiring Success Facebook page. Karen said, "how do you best deal with your current workload and then how do you deal with more as it piles on top?


Sound familiar?


Here are my top three tips. 


  1. Set yourself a meeting every single Monday morning for the first 30 to 60 minutes of your day that is uninterrupted. In this, fully focus on reconnecting to the bigger picture and what it is you need to achieve in your role so that you can align your to-do list priorities with it (see tip #2).
  2. Every single day you set your top three priorities that align back to that vision or the outcome or the KPI or whatever it is that you need to achieve and make sure that those three items are completed as a priority over and above everything else.
  3. Set healthy boundaries around your time. If you accept every meeting invite you receive without questioning it, if you have an open-door policy or a phone that rings hot all day, you are letting everyone else know their time is more important than yours. I'm not saying don't do any of that, rather make sure you block time for you to get to your work so you can stop being the bottleneck.

Try these tips for at least a week and see what difference it makes.


Can you do me a favour and hit reply to let me know if you also struggle with being able to manage your time or juggling competing priorities? I'm keen to know if Karen isn't the only person facing this challenge.



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