How to manage up

I was asked by a leader last week what's the best way to manage 'up'.

They have a new boss who has come into the business with lots of new ideas and think that perhaps they aren't demonstrating that they're willing to listen to what has been happening and why they do what they do.


If you can relate to this, then here are my top 3 tips:


  1. Take the time to get to know them so you can understand what makes them tick. What is it that the people in your business who recruited them saw in them, what are their strengths?
  2. Find your shared vision. Listen to their vision for your team (they probably shared this with whoever interviewed them) and share yours with them. What's the common ground?
  3. Be the role model for what you want to see in them. 
    • If you want to be heard, then first listen
    • If you want to be understood, seek to understand
    • If you want to put your ideas forward and be able to explain why you think they're the best ideas, then give that same opportunity to your new manager.


Watch the video below, 2 mins, 20 seconds, to hear more.



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