How to overcome resistance to change

Isn't it tiring when you're leading change and at every turn, you're met with resistance? Especially when you realise that the biggest resistance is from members within your team that need to deliver that change. 


It's hard to drive towards your vision when nobody's on the bus.


To make sure you get everybody on board, here are my top 3 tips:


  1. Engage with your team about the vision and help them understand their role in achieving it by linking it to what's in it for them
  2. Provide certainty as much as you can by listening to their questions and clarifying the details they seek
  3. Determine the best approach to communicate with your team members based on their natural preferences. A model such as Extended DISC is perfect for better understanding those who are happy to jump on board straight away and those who need time and convincing before they are comfortable with it.


Watch the video below (2 mins 32 secs) to hear more.


Find out more about Extended DISC link here.



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