When is it time to delegate more responsibility?

Recently a leader reached out on the Inspiring Success Facebook page and asked 'what are the good indicators that it's time to hand more responsibility across to a new team member?'


Here are my top three tips:


  1. Make sure the team member has a clear understanding of the bigger picture. Ask them to explain it back to you in their own words so you can ensure they have captured the essence of it.
  2. Whatever system or structure you've created to help them, make sure that there's something in there that allows them to make decisions on their own. This will avoid them having to come back to you to ask questions and allows them to feel empowered.
  3. Have a one on one discussion with them and set up clear expectations about what done and complete and a great job looks like. Help them understand how to succeed in the project and what to do when they feel out of their depth or when they know they're not going to meet a deadline.

By following these tips, you will be able to delegate with some degree of certainty that it will go well. It's important to check in with them along the way and to take the time to catch up at the end of the project to review how they went and allow them to provide feedback on how it could be improved next time. 


Watch the video below (2 min, 32 sec) to hear more.


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